Army Reserve / Retired Increase Tickets

This form is for Retired Army members of the Army Sports Lottery who wish to increase the number of ticket entered into the Army Sports Lottery each week. Payment options are online only and we accept only debit cards.

Please Note: If you are a Reservist any ticket increase in your membership that you are about to purchase will expire on 28 Feb 2020. As of 1 May 2020 Army Reservists will pay monthly direct from their Army salary deducted at source by JPA. As such all prices in the form below have been adjusted to reflect your membership ending on 31 Mar 2020, at which time you will need to reapply using the main Online Membership Application form to re-activate your membership.

Retired Army ticket adjustments, this will have no impact on your application, you will continue to pay the normal adjustment fees for your membership subscription.

Please Note: We can no longer accept Credit Card payments, all online payments must be made with a Debit Card