1. Army Sports Lottery

1.1 The Army Sports Lottery (ASL) operates as a subscription-based Society Lottery under the Gambling Act 2005, of which as the context requires being referred to as “Army Sports Lottery”.

1.2 The schedule of Draws which benefit the ASL will be published on the Website. Either 4 or 5 (dependant on how many Saturdays there are in the month) Draws will take place in a month.


2.1. Only players who hold paid-for Tickets shall be eligible to receive a prize in any Draw.

2.2 Details of the prizes available for winners will be published on the ASL website.

2.3 Prizes are awarded per Ticket and winners with more than one Ticket can win more than one prize.

2.4 No individual Ticket shall be entitled to a prize in excess of the maximum amount permitted by law. As set out in the Gambling Act 2005, no individual Ticket shall be entitled to a prize in excess of the greater of 10% of the Draw (including any rollover Draws) or £25,000.

2.5 From time to time a Draw may be designated a ‘Superdraw’ and all cash prizes are doubled. Such a Draw will be identified by ASL as ‘Superdraw’ or some other title to distinguish it from regular Draws. The increased prizes for all of the ‘Superdraws’ are built up from the balance of the unallocated prize funds raised.


Army Sports Lottery
3.1 Only Serving, Reserve or Retired Army personnel (over the age of 16) may enter the ASL.

3.2 Each Player agrees to be bound by the Rules, any applicable provisions of the Act and any relevant regulations made there under from time to time. ASL shall not be liable for any loss or damage (including loss of the opportunity to enter ASL and/or the right to receive a prize) suffered by a Player if such Player has not complied with the Rules. The Rules may be amended by ASL from time to time. Any amended Rules will be published on the Website at least 28 days in advance of taking effect.

3.3 ASL recognises that, while subscription-based society lotteries offer the lowest risk of problem gambling, individuals may wish to self-exclude themselves from participation in ASL. As such, the ASL offers a self-exclusion process. To self-exclude email lottery@ascb.uk.com with ‘self-exclusion’ in the title, and include all contact details (email, postal address, phone number(s)) or call 01252 787065. The minimum period of self-exclusion is 6 (six) months; the maximum is 12 (twelve) months. Customers can request to extend one or more periods for at least 6 months each.


Army Sports Lottery

4.1 Tickets will cost £1.00 each per Draw, with either 4 or 5 (dependant on how many Saturdays there are in the month), and are sold on the following basis:

4.1.1 On a monthly basis for Regular and Reserve soldiers with subscriptions being deducted from their pay at source a month in advance.

4.1.2 On an annual basis for Retired personnel with payment being made by either cheque or through the secure online payment system – Worldpay.

4.2 Tickets purchased by Players shall be entered into the next round of monthly Draws occurring following the monthly collection of payments. Tickets purchased will specify a unique Ticket Number specific to the individual ticket.

4.3 Prospective Players can apply for membership by completing an Application. This can only be done on the Website, by hard copy and sending by post to the ASL office, or by other methods which may be made available by ASL from time to time. In each event, the Application constitutes the applicant’s authorisation of ASL to collect payment for either 4 or 5 (dependant on how many Saturdays there are in the month) in advance, but never more than the number of Draws occurring in the following month, from the applicant’s pay at source (Regular members), designated bank, debit card, credit card as applicable until this authorisation is revoked.

4.4 The Application will require prospective Players to provide at least the following information: 4.4.1 The number of Tickets to be purchased for each Draw;

4.4.2 The Player’s name, full address, postcode, telephone number, date of birth and email address. The full address specified must be the Player’s military unit for Serving and Reserve personnel and permanent residence for Retired personnel (must include a valid GB postcode); and

4.4.3 Retired applicants who are applying to pay using the online payment system the option to pay by Credit or Debit card or PayPal via the website must provide valid Credit or Debit card details.

4.4 Following acceptance of an email Application, ASL will issue the Player an email confirming the setup of a Subscription. The email will not contain a Player’s Ticket Number.

4.5 Once payment has been confirmed by JPA (Regular), Worldpay, or cheque clearance, the Player will receive a confirmatory letter acknowledging membership of the ASL with ticket numbers. This Ticket Number/s should be checked carefully. Should any information be incorrect, or should the Player wish to change their designated numbers, the Player shall be responsible for contacting ASL, by phone or in writing, to advise of this change. Any such change shall only take effect when confirmed in writing by ASL. ASL accepts no liability for prizes lost as a result of a Player not complying with the above process.

4.6 Ticket Number shall comprise of a random 4 (four) digit unique number generated by ASL database.


5.1 Payments for Tickets can only be made by Players in advance on a monthly basis for Regular and

Reserve members with subscriptions being deducted from their pay at source. Or

5.2 On an annual basis for Retired personnel with payment being made by either cheque or through the secure online payment system – Worldpay.

5.3 No Ticket Number(s) will be entered into a Draw unless ASL has received all amounts payable for the Ticket(s) relating to such Ticket Number.

5.4 If there is a dispute regarding whether Ticket(s) have been paid for, or when such payments were made, such dispute shall be resolved by reference to the payment details provided by Joint Personnel Administration (JPA) or debit/credit card operator from which payments are taken.



6.1 Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time giving ASL notice by contacting the ASL office. Termination will take effect immediately although any Player Funds held for scheduled Draws at the point of termination are non-refundable and will be applied to purchase of Tickets. Members who have had grants from ASL funds must have been (or must commit to) members for at least a 3 (three) year period – in accordance with the ASL DIN Grants Policy available on the ASL website. Therefore, if you are joining the ASL to apply for a grant you must commit to 3 consecutive years of membership. Due to the irregular monthly Army payment patterns (i.e. not paid every month) of Army Reserve members they must make 36 payments before they leave once they have received a grant. When ASL has receives cancellation notice:

6.1.1 It will notify JPA of cancellation of future payments.

6.1.2 No refund is possible in the case of payments already made. In such a case the Player’s Ticket will be entered into the relevant Draws. Retired Army personnel who are applying for membership of the Army Sports Lottery are entitled to a full refund up to the point where their tickets have been entered into the first eligible draw. Once tickets have been entered into the draw the right to a full refund will cease. Requests for a refund should be put in writing to the Army Sports Lottery Manager at the address below.

6.2 Any change to the details provided in an Application should be notified to ASL by email or in writing to the contact details set out below.

6.3 If the postal address specified in an Application changes, a Player must notify (by email or in writing to the relevant address set out below) the ASL office.


7.1 Prior to the date of each Draw, the ASL Website shall provide Players with the following information:

7.1.1 The date on which the results of the Draw will be announced, 7.1.2 Details of the prizes available in the Draw; and

7.2 In each Draw, the winning Ticket Number(s) will be selected at random by a random number generator.

7.3 Each Draw shall be conducted by the Designated Officer in the presence of an independent adjudicator.

7.4 If the Designated Officer or the independent adjudicator observes or suspects any irregularity or failure in the procedure then the Draw shall be declared null and void and a new Draw shall take place.

7.5 Only those Ticket Numbers for which payment has been received are eligible to take part in the relevant Draw. In the event of an error in announcement of winning Ticket Numbers the Designated Officer shall be responsible for confirming the correct Ticket Numbers.

7.6 The Designated Officer shall determine the sequence of the prizes being drawn.

7.7 The results of each valid Draw will be published on the Website on a weekly basis (normally Monday except Bank Holidays) and may also be publicised in any other manner determined by ASL from time to time. The following information will be published in relation to each valid Draw:

7.7.1 The winning names (except Special Forces personnel who will be listed as ‘Name Withheld’) and ticket numbers;

7.7.2 The amounts or identity of each prize awarded to the winning Players. All winners of cash and other prizes of £1,000 or more will be notified accordingly by ASL by text, phone, post or email when available. All winners of cash and prizes of any value who have provided email contact details will be notified by ASL by letter of prizes won.

7.8 The results of any Draw published on the Website or in any other source shall be for information purposes only and prizes shall only be awarded to the winning Ticket Number(s) recorded by the Designated Officer and the independent witness under Rule 7.3.

7.9 ASL reserves the right to withhold payment of any prize until it is entirely satisfied that:
7.9.1 The person claiming such prize is validly registered in ASL’s records against the winning Ticket

Number(s) and has fully complied with the Rules;

7.9.2 All amounts due for the Tickets associated with the winning Ticket Number(s) have been paid. Without prejudice to the above, ASL reserves the right to withhold payment of any prizes if it reasonably suspects the occurrence of fraud in relation to any Draw(s).

7.10 Prize monies shall be paid out as follows:

7.10.1 Winners of prizes of £1,000 or more shall be contacted by ASL manager to advise of payment of the prize amount.

7.10.2 All cash prizes are paid by cheque with the cheque being made payable to the winning ticket holder only.

7.11 The ASL shall use its best endeavours to identify and pay prizes to Players. Any cash prizes which ASL has been unable to pay because it does not have the correct contact details, and which have not been claimed within 12 (twelve) months after the date of the relevant Draw, shall be void and shall instead be donated by ASL to the Army Sports Control Board Charitable Fund. ASL shall have no liability for any loss or damage suffered in relation to a failure to claim a prize in accordance with this Rule.


8.1 Players agree that by making an Application, ASL may process their personal data for the

purposes and in the manner described in the privacy policy posted on the Website.


9.1 Subject to Rule 9.2, the ASL shall not be liable to a Player for any loss or damage suffered by a

Player arising from:

9.1.1 Any delays or failures in the postal service or other delivery methods used by ASL or Player from time to time; or

9.1.2 Any delays or failures in any system used by ASL or a Player to transmit emails to the other; or 9.1.3 Any failure in the computer program or other method used by ASL from time to time to

generate winning Ticket Number(s); or

9.1.4 Any delays or failures in the banking system used to transmit payments between ASL and a Player (or vice versa); or

9.1.5 Any refusal by ASL to accept an Application or the termination by ASL of an existing Subscription; or

9.1.7 Any event beyond the reasonable control of ASL.

9.2 Nothing in these Rules shall operate to exclude or restrict the liability of ASL for:

9.2.1 Death or personal injury resulting from negligence;

9.2.2 Breach of the obligations arising from section 12 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979;

9.2.3 Fraud


10.1 ASL complaints procedure aims to ensure that any given issue a player or potential player may have regarding the lottery is dealt with promptly and in confidence. ASL handles all complaints in accordance with this procedure. ASL complaints procedure is without prejudice to players’ legal rights.

Any complaints relating to ASL or any Draw should be in writing. It is necessary to make any complaint relating to a particular Draw within three months after the relevant Draw date and records of complaints will be kept by ASL for three years.

10.2 The complaints procedure consists of four stages which are as follows:

10.2.1 Stage 1—Acknowledgement & Resolution: ASL handles any complaint immediately which will be formally recorded by ASL as soon as possible. ASL aims to respond to complaints within fourteen working days.

10.2.2 Stage 2—Investigation: If the complaint is not resolved at the initial stage, it will be referred to ASL Promoter within seven working days.

10.2.3 Stage 3—Outcome & Actions Taken: The Promoter will investigate and respond to the complainer advising of the outcome of the complaint and any action taken as a result of the investigation.

10.2.4 Stage 4—Alternative Dispute Resolution: If the resolution of the complaint is not satisfactory at Stage 3, the complainer can require that ASL submit to mediation with the Independent Betting Adjudicator Service (www.ibas-uk.com) to resolve the dispute for which both parties are required to participate. The process provides a mediation process that can be followed at no cost to the complainer. The mediator will report on the outcome of the dispute to the Gambling Commission and ASL will abide by the mediator’s decision or recommendations.

11. LAW

11.1 The Rules and all matters arising from or connected with them are governed by English law.


12.1 Comments, questions or complaints should be sent here.

Manager, Army Sports Lottery, Fox Lines, Mackenzie Building, Queens Avenue, ALDERSHOT, GU11 2LB

Email: lottery@britisharmysport.com

Tel: 01252 787065