The weekly prize fund is £30,000, distributed as follows:

1st Prize


2nd Prize


3rd Prize


4th Prize


5th Prize


6th Prize


+ 27 consolation prizes
£500 x 2
£200 x 15
£100 x 10

The ASL gives away £1.6 Million in Prize Money every year. The weekly prize fund is set in accordance with Gambling Commission regulations. A bi-annual Super Draw is conducted in July and December when the prize fund for that week doubles.

In financial year 2022/23 the Army Sports Lottery raised £5,763,282 from ticket sales, with 27% spent on prizes;

3% spent on Lottery operating costs and 70% on the Objectives of the Charitable Fund.

Each ticket number is only entitled to win one prize in any one Draw and in 2022, on average, each ticket had a 1 in 111,111 chance of winning a prize.