The Army Sports Lottery (ASL) has played an integral role in enabling 5 Fusiliers (5RRF)
Football Team to develop their capability throughout the battalion. This has developed
capability not just on the pitch, but off the pitch too, by bringing 5RRF SPs together from
across the country to engage in competitive sport in Cyprus. It’s built relationships
across the companies, further instilled discipline and helped improve physical
robustness of troops involved. The support of the ASL for 5RRF football tours to Cyprus
has been hugely beneficial in the retention of SPs, as it has driven desire for
engagement with all aspects of Army Reserve commitment and training, therefore
benefitting the capability of the wider army.

I have found this opportunity extremely rewarding. I’ve been able to develop my
footballing ability, build wider team relationships and also been able to test my physical
and mental ability - training twice daily and measuring success through two competitive
matches. This is vital for the army reserve, as it allows the team to reap the benefits of
enhancing teamwork, discipline, communication and determination. It’s been a
brilliant, yet challenging, week and I would highly recommend this experience.

Fus R, 5 RRF

I am currently employed in the First Fusiliers in mortar platoon. The Army Sports Lottery
has supported the team with funding to come to Cyprus and participate in 5RRF’s
football tour. A great opportunity to play football around the world and against different
oppositions. I play for the infantry football team, which is great for building the skills
and experience that I have brought to the Cyprus tour. The time we have in Cyprus is
used for team building and creating a strong bond within the squad which will help
towards results and performances in the games we play.

Fus W, 5RRF

The ASL has support 5 Fusiliers on several sports events, and I have been fortunate enough to be involved in some including a recent football tour to Cyprus. The funding has enabled me to travel abroad and train with the football team. For a week, I have felt like a professional footballer training every day. The opportunity has definitely improved my performance and our team cohesion.

Capt B, 5 RRF

The ASL has enabled out Battalion football team to excel, funding a football tour to Cyprus. Allowing us to train as professional footballers in a challenging environment building team cohesion and providing wider opportunities in the Army Reserve. Personally this tour has been the highlight of my Army Reserve career. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

2Lt F, 5RRF

I subscribed to the army sports lottery when I joined the army, but I had no idea how much it could help me until I wanted to pay for a windsurf training expedition. The ASL helped with funds to put forward for the training and as a result I had a great time perfecting my water starts, where I use the sail to lift me out of the water onto the board, and my blasting skills skipping across water at high speeds.

I had a brilliant time and the training Improved my sailing techniques massively I am thankful for the ASL and their support.

LCpl H-P, 28 Engr Regt

I have been a member of the ASL for many years. I, and all the other participants, are hugely appreciative of ASL support for EXTREME SURF RHODES (EX ESR). EX ESR was an Army Sailing Association approved Windsurfing OSV, from which we returned from in the early hours of Sunday morning. There was a broad rank range (Pte – Lt Col, weighted towards soldiers and NCOs), from 6 different cap badges, with a wide range of abilities, and 25% female representation. The wind blew ever day (near unheard of). All participants came home tired and a bit sore, but having made huge strides forward and – I think we’re allowed to say it – having had enormous fun.

On a personal level, with Army Sailing Association funding support no longer available, and no Corps funding available to me this year, the ASL was the only significant financial contributor available to me. As I become more senior and spend an increasing proportion of my time soldiering from a desk, Army Sport becomes an ever more important of the overall Offer. I cannot understate the retention-positive impact for me. ASL support is a key component of that.

Lt Col J, RAMC

36 Engineer Regiment and The Queen's Gurkha Engineers (QGE) football team recently embarked on an exciting tour of Nepal, showcasing their skills on the field and strengthening the bond between the British Army and the Gurkha community. The tour, made possible by the generous funding from the Army Sports Lottery, proved to be a memorable and successful experience for both teams.

The visit to Nepal provided an opportunity for the 36 Engineer Regiment and QGE football team to engage in friendly matches, learn from each other's playing styles, and promote sportsmanship. One of the highlight games was against the Church Boys FC, winners of the 2023 Nepal A league, which ended in a thrilling 2-2 draw. With Spr Amos and Spr Sinclair scoring 2 late goals to clinch the draw.
The tour not only focused on football but also allowed the players to immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of Nepal. They had the chance to explore historical sites, interact with the local community, and experience the warm hospitality of the Nepalese people.

The success of this tour would not have been possible without the support of the Army Sports Lottery. The funding provided by the lottery has been instrumental in making these sporting events and cultural exchanges a reality. The 36 Engineer Regiment and QGE football team extend their heartfelt gratitude to the Army Sports Lottery for their continued support and commitment to promoting sports within the military community.

This tour served as a testament to the strong camaraderie and mutual respect between the British Army and the Gurkha community. It provided an opportunity for the team to forge lasting friendships and create memories that will be cherished for years to come. The 36 Engineer Regiment and QGE football team return home with a sense of accomplishment and pride, knowing that they have represented their units and the Army with honor and distinction.

Sgt C, 36 Eng Regt & QGE

In the shadow of Kathmandu's majesty and Pokhara's serene embrace, our adventure unfolded. For some, it was a homecoming, a reconnection with ancestral roots. For others, it was a captivating immersion into a motherland they'd never known, a land that now welcomed them with open arms.

Our journey to Nepal was more than just a football tour; it was a journey of discovery, a testament to the power of sport to transcend boundaries and bring people together. But amidst the joy and camaraderie, it's important to acknowledge the crucial role played by the Army Sports Lottery (ASL) in making this tour possible. Without their generous financial support, our journey to Nepal would have remained a distant dream. The ASL's funding not only covered the logistical expenses of travel and accommodation but also provided us with the resources needed to fully immerse ourselves in the cultural experience of Nepal.
We didn't just chase victory on the football pitch; we sought to build bridges and foster connections that went beyond the final score. Our journey to Nepal may have begun as a football tour, but it ended as a transformative experience that left an indelible mark on each of us. We rediscovered the true meaning of sportsmanship, the power of unity, and the enduring human spirit that conquers all. It's through initiatives like the ASL that soldiers like us are given the opportunity to represent our country with pride and honour, both on and off the field.

Ultimately, our unforgettable journey to Nepal was a product of collective effort, with the Army Sports Lottery playing a pivotal role. Their commitment to promoting sportsmanship, unity, and camaraderie among soldiers is truly commendable, and we are grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of it.

Spr D, 36 Eng Regt & QGE

8 Battalion Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) recently participated in the prestigious 30th anniversary of the Flanders Open 10s rugby tournament held in Belgium. This annual event is a hallmark in the European rugby calendar, attracting teams from across the globe. The participation of 8 Battalion REME was a significant event since the battalion rugby team has conducted an OSV for a significant time due to the complexities of the training battalion and Covid. This was largely made possible through the generous support of the Army Sports Lottery.

The team comprised a blend of phase 2 recruits, recently qualified phase 3 soldiers and permanent staff, representing the battalion's commitment to fostering teamwork, physical fitness, and competitive spirit among its members. This mix allowed for the mentoring of new players by experienced players across the team, enhancing both the skill levels and the camaraderie within the team. Throughout the tournament, 8 Battalion REME demonstrated remarkable tenacity and sportsmanship. Despite facing some of the most formidable teams, they held their own, showcasing the rigorous training, physical and metal courage, earning them respect and admiration from fellow competitors and spectators alike.

The experience gained from competing in such a high-calibre tournament is invaluable. For the recruits, it was a baptism of fire that accelerated their development both as rugby players and as members of the battalion, this firmly demonstrated the offer the Army can bring to aide recruitment and retention.. The success and experiences from this tournament will undoubtedly contribute to the team's future endeavours and aspirations.

Participation in the Flanders Open 10s has been a highlight for 8 Battalion REME Rugby, emphasising the positive impact of sports on military personnel. The support from the Army Sports Lottery was instrumental in this achievement, enabling the team to compete on an international stage and furthering the Army's mission to promote excellence and resilience through sports. This experience not only bolstered the skills and confidence of the team members but also fostered a sense of unity and pride within the battalion.”

SSgt B, 8 Trg Bn REME

As a junior Solider, I never thought I would be able to deploy overseas to play Rugby this earlier in my career. Thanks to the ASL, I now have. This was a fantastic opportunity and was extremely enjoyable, I believe my Rugby has came on massively thanks to this tour giving me the opportunity to play against teams from across the world, including Argentina and Fiji. A fun and exciting trip, I hope I get to do again in my career.

These are memories I will have for a long time and despite coming up against difficult opponents, I have much enjoyed the sense of pride we have representing 8 Trg Bn

Cfn H-J, 8 Trg Bn REME

I am delighted to share my precious time and amazing golfing experiences during this exercise. In other words, this kind of team bonding Exercise in home country helps us to build more stronger team spirit within Officers, SNCOs and subordinates NCOs. Equally, wider audiences in Nepalese community. Our main source of income of fund for our visit was Army Sport Lottery (ASL) which has given a broader opportunity to explore beautiful Golf courses different place in the Country. It would not be possible to explore and add extra value of visit, without support of ASL. Therefore, I strongly recommend to use of ASL in any years to come to collect this kind of lifelong memories. Particularly in Golfing activities. Thank you, Army Sport Lottery.

LCpl L, 2RGR

Being a member of the Army Sports Lottery (ASL) and being sponsored by ASL have transformed my overseas golfing journey in ways I never imagined. From receiving crucial financial support to chasing up my golfing dream, my sponsor has been an invaluable partner in my pursuit of excellence. Their belief in my potential and dream has fuelled my determination and opened doors to opportunities I once only dreamed of. I am deeply grateful for their unwavering support and feel a profound sense of pride in representing their brand on and off the field. Not only this, it has given me a huge opportunity to attend various cultural visits as well as meeting engagements with various local dignitaries.

Sg R, 2RGR

I’m very grateful for the support from the Army Sports Lottery, because without their support and contribution towards Infantry Football OSV to Miami, this trip would not of been feasible for myself financially and I would of missed out on once in a lifetime opportunity and the experiences that I gained from the trip.

Pte C, HQ Inf

Receiving funding from the Army Sports Lottery was crucial in facilitating our Overseas Sports Visit (OSV) to Miami. The support enabled us to cover essential travel and accommodation expenses, allowing our team to focus on training and competition without financial worries. This experience not only enhanced our skills but also boosted team morale and camaraderie, making it an invaluable opportunity for personal and professional growth. We are immensely grateful for the Army Sports Lottery’s contribution to our success.

Once again, thank you for the support provided by Army Sports Lottery and Army Sports, who made this trip possible.

Sg D, HQ Inf

I recently conducted an OSV to Gibraltar with the RLC Women’s Football Team. This would not have being possible without the funding from Army Sports Lottery. The OSV allowed the team to get vital pre-season training against an International opposition. The funding provided allowed the team to undertake various activities, allowing us to increase team cohesion/morale. We could focus on football without the financial worry on what we could afford to do as SP. I am thankful for the opportunity provided to the team from Army Sports Lottery to make this possible.


The funding from the army sports lottery was extremely beneficial and crucial for our OSV to Gibraltar. Because of the generosity of the ASL, the burden of not having enough money to get away and play the sport we all love, was so much lighter and the morale much higher.
Our OSV to Gibraltar, bonded us as a team and helped to improve our skill and technique against some incredible football teams and players. This is something not many Army corps teams get the privilege to do. We are very grateful for the opportunity to have experienced playing against such high-quality players and teams and that’s all thanks to the Army Sports Lottery.
It was an unforgettable football tour, with many memories made and friendships that will last a lifetime. Thank you.


The biggest impact of ASL funding is to give junior ranks the opportunity to partake in our golfing events by reducing the financial burden.
Retention is a huge issue across the army. ASL funding allows SP to partake in sporting events to represent their units in a competitive format which promotes belonging and increases retention.

Capt A, IG

The ASL funding made the trip for all service personnel affordable and allowed them to experience something unique that will have a hugely positive impact on retention to all those involved. With AT opportunities across the Army dwindling, trips like this offer a genuine reward for service personnel and in this instance was only affordable thanks to the support from the ASL.

Capt D, IG

Winning the £10000 Army Sports Lottery prize money has been a truly transformative experience, one that has left an indelible mark on my life in the most positive way. Beyond the initial rush of excitement and disbelief, this victory brought me a profound sense of gratitude and empowerment. The financial boost brought me and my family new opportunities and avenues of personal growth that I could possibly dream of. During these difficult financial times, winning the sports lottery afforded me a greater sense of financial security, easing the burdens of everyday expense allowing me to plan for the future with confidence. Above and beyond, as a sportsman I am truly grateful to the opportunities the Army Sports Lottery has presented to me having travelled to America, Barbados, Spain etc on sporting escapades I could only have dreamt of being a part of. The probability that every soldier has an opportunity to benefit from the Sports Lottery makes me thank them for their selfless service they provide to the hard-working service personnel of this country. God bless you and thank you.

L/WO2 L Sibanda, 1 AAC

What a lovely surprise to be told today that I was a prize winner in the recent ASL draw. I retired from the army back in 2005 but whilst serving was involved in army sport for about 15 years. I travelled abroad several times representing my Corps at sports and found this one of the most enjoyable times in my career. And as a veteran I was keen to give something back, and subscribing to the ASL was the perfect way for me. Knowing that, as a veteran I can contribute to the funding and development of our army sportsmen and women via my contributions is a real pleasure for me. I would encourage any veterans to take part, even though I am no longer serving its great to know that in a small way my contributions can help to develop qualities like teamwork and leadership in our sport stars. My prize money will go along way to help me with some home improvements I have planned for this year, and even a wee holiday. I look forward to playing the ASL for many years to come. And thank you to all at the ASL for your continued support of our soldiers.

DL, Retired

The funding made the trip a lot more accessible to us at the lower ranks as ASL contributions helped with the cost of the OSV meaning the personal contributions were more affordable. It also helped out with supplies and maintenance of the bikes whilst in Belgium.

Kgn M, Lancs

Without the contribution that we received from the sports lottery it would have been difficult to find the funding within battalion with all the other sports commitments. Cycling is an individual sport that requires a lot of commitment and personal expense. The funding meant we didn’t have to worry about the cost of travel and accommodation easing the cost to the individual. This OSV meant a lot to me personally and the rest of the team as all the events that we cycled were regimental battle honours that is ingrained in our history. For all of us that took part it was a great experience.

Cpl P, Lancs

It is amazing that we have been given funding through the Army Sports Lottery. This has no enabled members of 1 ROYAL WELSH an amazing chance to go away and test themselves on some of the very best and challenging downhill courses the Alps and world has to offer. This contribution has aided members who may not have been in a position to have afforded the full cost to be able to experience this and something that they will remember for years to come.
This has also enabled a unit to go and advertise the Army as a brand to the hundreds of people who will also be at the event.
I have no doubt that this funding has had a positive impact not only on our group but also on other units that have been successful in their grants. I believe this is truly a great opportunity for units to take advantage of for the foreseeable future.

Sgt W, Royal Welsh

Winning the £10,000 jackpot in the Army Sports Lottery is an incredible privilege, not just for the personal windfall but for the broader impact it has on The Army. The funds generated by the lottery support vital initiatives like sport tours and visits, enriching the lives of soldiers and enhancing their skills beyond the battlefield. I'm deeply grateful to be part of a system that not only rewards but also invests in our collective well-being and development.

Sgt McCormick, KHR

Thanks to the Army Sports Lottery I have been able to deploy to Cyprus on an Overseas Sports Visit (OSV). This opportunity has allowed me to develop my passion for Triathlon, despite having only recently picked this sport up I felt as though I have come on leaps and bounds from this experience. As a keen sportsman, I strongly encourage everyone to push themselves outside of their comfort zone, an OSV is an amazing opportunity to do this and only made possible by the funding support from the Army Sport Lottery. Thank you to all those who have planned and supported this event.


The funding has allowed me to partake in quality overseas triathlon training, which otherwise I wouldn't have had access to. I have had the opportunity of a lifetime to train like a full-time athlete with coaching and the support within the package to push myself not only as an athlete but generally as a person. I know my mental resilience has been stretched during this training. This doesn't just help me as an athlete but also as a serving soldier in my day to day work. Being surrounded by other athletes, some racing at top levels, and sharing of their knowledge has also massively inspired me of what is possible and strive to competitively race in the future. This OSV is one of the highlights of my career so far.


As a member of the RAPTC Triathlon team, I can confidently attest to the invaluable role the Army Sports Lottery Charity plays in our overseas sports tours, particularly to Dubai 2024. Without their generous support, these ventures wouldn't be possible. The funding provided not only facilitates our travel and accommodation but also enables us to participate in organized events, fostering team cohesion and competitiveness.

The Army Sports Lottery ensures that we have access to the necessary resources and opportunities to enhance our skills and represent our Corps with pride on an international stage. Through their assistance, we are able to engage in invigorating sports activities that not only promote physical fitness but also strengthen our bonds as a team.

Moreover, the charity's involvement in our overseas trips underscores their commitment to the well-being and development of military personnel, recognizing the importance of sports in promoting camaraderie and resilience. We are immensely grateful for their continued support, which empowers us to pursue our sporting aspirations while serving our country.


After Summiting the worlds highest free-standing mountain (Mt. Kilimanjaro) along with my 14 compatriots on EX WPK 24, I have now had time to reflect on how lucky we all are to have access to a facility such as the Army Sports Lottery. The Grant given to our team made our expedition financially accessible to all ranks and enabled us to concentrate on training and the preparation involved in conducting the SMF course. I am whole-heartedly grateful for the opportunity that the ASL has afforded us on this once in a lifetime trip.

Sgt W, CSS

The overseas sports visit acts as a reward for those who have been involved in the success of the Regimental Football Team and the unit's operational commitments over the last 2/3 years. It will also offer a significant contribution towards the operational effectiveness, fighting spirit and personal collective development of those involved, This would be unachievable if it wasn’t for the Army Sports Lottery’s grateful contribution of £6000.


Help from the Army Sports Lottery has been hugely beneficially due to the high cost of the tour. Receiving this grant of £6000 will ensure members within 3RHA are able to afford a reasonable personnel contribution rather having to increase the price, leading to Service Personnel not being able to afford the visit at all.

Bdr D, RHA

Firstly, I cannot express enough thanks to the ASL and all the people involved to keep it functioning.

Most people would believe being an athlete just takes a lot of time and dedication (and maybe a bit of talent to boot). The reality is, all the dedication and talent will only get you so far. I dedicate myself to Judo because I enjoy it and will happily pour all my spare money into doing what I enjoy, but being a soldier is not the best paid profession in the world. To remain competitive or represent your country you have to compete internationally and it is not cheap. Without the ASL this would not be affordable. If you work hard to succeed in sport, the ASL work hard to support you. I can firmly say without the ASL I would not have been able to reach my full potential.

Thanks again to the ASL team and all those that participate in the Sports Lottery.


Help from the Army Sports Lottery has been hugely beneficially due to the high cost of the tour. Receiving this grant of £6000 will ensure members within 3RHA are able to afford a reasonable personnel contribution rather having to increase the price, leading to Service Personnel not being able to afford the visit at all.

Bdr D, RHA

I am immensely thankful to the ASL for their invaluable support, which made my participation in the 2022 European Triathlon Championships a reality. Their financial assistance enabled me to cover essential expenses allowing me to fully focus on my training and preparation. As a result I secured a bronze medal, not only a personal achievement but also a testament to the ASL's commitment to fostering athletic success within the Army.

I am profoundly grateful to the ASL for their unwavering commitment to providing opportunities for athletes like myself and for their dedication to promoting fitness and personal development within the Army. Their investment in my journey to the European Triathlon Championships has not only helped me achieve a significant milestone but has also reinforced my sense of pride in representing the Army on the international stage.


The Army Sports Lottery has been invaluable to me over the past 10 years, helping to offset some of the significant costs of attending Skydiving World Cups and World Championships. Whilst the vast majority of my sporting expenses are covered by my personal contribution, to have the ASL support my attendance at World Events has been wonderful to take some of the pressure off preparing for the events, and has enabled me to commit to attending world meets without financial doubts on if I should attend or not. It is a delight to be a positive ambassador for Army Sport in return, and I am proud to have been able to finally be able to become World Champion after all the support from the ASL and Army sport. Thank you ASL!


The Army Sports Lottery funding has enabled the Army Boxing Team to travel across the World to Melbourne, Australia. A once in a lifetime experience that has been made possible by the support of the ASL. We will compete against and train with the Boxing Victoria Team, this will provide vital experience and exposure against International Opposition that will be key to our success when competing in International Box Cups and International Fixtures


I speak on behalf of myself and members of the Army boxing team. We are all extremely grateful to the Army Sports Lottery funding and advocate for them greatly. The ASL have supported us with funding to give our team the opportunity to travel to Melbourne, Australia. We will be competing and training out there against top opposition. This will develop us as individuals and allow us to gain more international experience, which is is key to our success. Thank you ASL for your continued support, you’ve made this trip possible


The Army Sport Lottery’s grant contributed a great deal towards competing in my first international skydiving competition. The experience I gained through competing with the best canopy pilots in the world is invaluable towards my development as a competitor, in fact I achieved my best results in that event.

Cpl W, Paras

The RAC Triathlon team cannot thank the ASL enough for their continued support. The team have benefited twice over the last three years, firstly in IRON MAN Barcelona and most recently Challenge Vieux -Boucau (France). The grant they provided enabled the team to not only compete in these events but also set us up for success in the future. The application process is seamless and generous, providing members to achieve so much more. Having the support of the ASL has grown the team hugely and recruited members that would not normally have the chance to get involved in one of the Army’s fastest growing sports. We urge anyone in the Army that has not yet signed up, to do so, The opportunities are substantial.

WO1 F, The Light Dragoons

The grant from the ASL was greatly received to reduce the cost of attending an Alpine Mountaineering expedition to the Alps to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the AGC’s formation, which had participants from across all the Branches of the Corps. We conducted alpine mountaineering across France, Italy and Switzerland with the main objective of summitting Mont Blanc, due to weather conditions we were unsuccessful but all participants received Alpine Mountain Foundation qualification and were stretched both physically and mentally; gaining significant personal development


I have been a member of the Army Ladies Tug of War team since 2017, since then I have represented England on numerous occasions both with the Army and civilian teams. If it were not for the International Competitors Grant (ICG) offered by the Army Sports Board I wouldn’t have been able to compete abroad and bring my full potential to the sport. I’m very thankful for the assistance given, sport is a crucial part of Army life that helps build both physical and mental resilience.


Support from the ASL was greatly appreciated towards the ETU Middle Distance Triathlon Championships. As events spread across multiple days costs significantly grew, being able to subsidise this from the ASL funding was a amazing. With costs of kit, accommodation and travel adding up to over £1.5k to represent GB and the ARMY, support always takes the weight off. In difficult times having access to funding support like this is in-valuable allowing soldiers to push the boundaries in sport.

WO2 D, R Signals

Two weeks Alpine Mountaineering across France, Italy and Switzerland with the AGC on Ex DRAGON LIONS CLIMB 23 . A fantastic opportunity, thoroughly enjoyed by the diverse group from across the ranks and Branches of the AGC. A once in a lifetime experience for many of us, climbing some of the highest peaks in the area, only made possible with the financial support of the Army Sports Lottery.


Thanks to the generous funding provided by the Army Sports Lottery, more than 50 personnel were able to embark on an epic 3-day cycling expedition through France. This incredible support made it possible for individuals of all abilities to participate, regardless of their prior experience or equipment. Without the Army Sports Lottery’s contributions, this event would have been limited to those with specific skills and resources, but instead, it became an inclusive and transformative journey for everyone involved. Over a 3-month training period, participants prepared for the challenge and with less than 20% having ever ridden across multiple days, it really pushed us out of our comfort zones.

ICSC(L) Student

The ASL have supported me through several Corps and Army sports tours over the years for both Hockey and Cricket. The support and experience provided through these tours, lead to me to push for England Masters Hockey. As the England Masters Hockey is all self-funded, the support provided through the International Competitors Grant was an extremely welcome support. The application process was simple and the support from the ASB staff was nothing short of superb. I can not thank the ASB and the ASL enough for their support.

Maj W, R Signals

The ASL funding played a pivotal role in making our overseas badminton tour to Singapore a resounding success. The grant provided by the ASL charity enabled us to embark on this memorable journey, strengthening the bonds between the Singapore Police Force and the British Forces Brunei. Through sports, we were able to foster a spirit of camaraderie and mutual respect. The ASL's support highlighted the incredible impact that sports can have on soldiers, both physically and mentally. We are immensely grateful to the ASL for their generosity and their commitment to promoting the well-being of armed forces personnel.


I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Army Sports Lottery for their unwavering support in subsidising our cycling expedition. It was an incredibly beneficial weekend filled with camaraderie and personal growth. The memories we created will undoubtedly inspire future commanders to organise similar activities, fostering a stronger bond among soldiers and officers. The Army Sports Lottery's generosity has left an indelible mark on all of us, and we can't thank them enough for their dedication to the well-being and development of our personnel. Here's to more unforgettable adventures that will shape the future leaders of our armed forces.

ICSC(L) Student

The Army sports lottery funding has enabled a higher number of Army personnel to participate in the Cyprus international 4 day running challenge 2023. The funding helped motivate individuals to train for the event in preparation for the running challenge. This only showed during the event with the team achieving outstanding results.

In this current climate, with the cost of living being so high the ASL funding reduced the personal contribution towards the OSV, opening more opportunities to service personnel which otherwise they would not have had. The sports tour and funding have provided a platform for personal development among Army personnel. The physical and mental challenges of the running challenge have promoted resilience, determination, and self-discipline.

Overall, the ASL funding for the Cyprus international 4-day running challenge has had significant positive impacts in terms of enhancing physical fitness, team cohesion, moral, personal development and international representation enhancing the Army’s profile.


ASL Lottery funding has been an amazing bonus to make it possible to attend the European Master Games in Finland. I feel very grateful and privileged to be given a grant as it has assisted me personally to attend to represent the Army at the Table-Tennis competition. I think it will be an amazing experience to play in a competition aboard. It feels a bit like a mini-Olympics, for older people. With the funding in place it has taken the stress away of self-funding/debt. It has given me a chance to experience a new country and even meet up with an old friend from 26 years ago and compete at multi-national event. Thank you and really appreciate the lottery support.

Sgt M, Army Reserve

The funding from the Army Sports Lottery has given those at AFC(H) the opportunity to not only offer themselves up for a test of physical and mental robustness, but to also afford funding to offset the personal contribution made by SP here. This almost feels like a reward for the personal determination for those to take themselves out of their comfort zone.

Sgt R, AFC

The funding from ASL has enabled us (AFC H) to enter 3 teams to compete in in the Cyprus 4-day running challenge. This opportunity provides the ability for us as Permanant staff here at the College to push our physical abilities and mental robustness. We hope by doing this we will inspire the Junior Soldiers to involve themselves in Army Sport so they can have opportunities like this in their careers.

Bdr R, AFC

Ex DRAGON TALAMANCA was an AAC paddlesport expedition to Costa Rica. It simply would not have been possible without the support provided by the Army Sports Lottery. An expedition of this nature – white water kayaking on remote jungle rivers, requires a level of planning and resource support which exceeds most equivalents in Europe or even further afield. ASL funding enabled a group of 12 paddlers with experience levels ranging from novice to seasoned white water paddlers to make the most of the exceptional conditions – fast, clean rivers through pristine jungle and to challenge themselves beyond anything we thought possible. We were able to hire all the necessary equipment (air transportation of kayaks is a non-starter), hostel and jungle lodge accommodation, transport and, critically, the guides whose knowledge of the rivers greatly enhanced the experience and the safety of the expedition through a combination of public funds (limited by in-year savings measures), grants from the AAC and ATCA and, of course, the ASL contribution. Sincere thanks to you from all of the team.

Maj D, AAC

An invite by the Australian Defence Force to compete at the Australian Military Championships was an exciting but financially unrealistic prospect for British Army VOLT4GE Formation Skydiving Team.
But, with the support of the Army Sports Lottery, we have been granted the opportunity of a lifetime. We not only have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to travel to and compete in an incredible location, but also to build upon the bonds we have already forged with our Australian counterparts.
We owe a debt of gratitude to the ASL and we hope we do them and our sport proud, Down Under.

Cap C, RLC

The funding from Army Sports Lottery will greatly enhance the viability of 3DSR Golf Team who are travelling to Nepal. Every effort has been made to maximise the effective economical use of the fund that was made available to us. Without this fund, the Regt’s ability to support EX KIWI SWING would have been severely impacted with personal contribution going up significantly

WO1 T, 3rd Div

The funding we received from The Army Sports Lottery was essential in enabling our cycling exercise this year. The ASL funds enabled us to cycle in overseas, in the challenging Alpes-Maritimes, Nice, and test ourselves in ways that we cannot do in the UK. The progress we made as a team and as individuals was significant especially as the rides got longer and more demanding. Without the ASL funding this amazing experience would not have been possible.

LCpl S, Royal Lancers

I would like to personally thank the ACSB and ASL committee for the generous funding, you have provided me and my team (Army Ladies TOW) in our latest competition overseas representing England and Army. This experience not only boost our team comradeship but also served as a testament to the power of dedication and teamwork. I have been a member for ASL for seven years now, and in those seven years, I have represented Great Britain and England with Tug of War. ASL have contributed towards the funding of my overseas trips with ICG. Tug of War is entirely self-funding, and I am extremely grateful for all the support. It has helped us all to enjoy the World championship Competition without having to pay a heavy amount.

SSgt P, RA

The Army Sports lottery funding was critical to the organisation of my overseas exercise. The funding was used to reduce the financial cost placed upon junior soldiers and NCOs ensuring that all soldiers who wanted to attend were able to without breaking the bank. This enabled our team to get out and train in challenging terrain, improve their own individual skills and importantly to have fun

Lt S, Royal Lancers

Due to the generosity and funding of the Army Sports Control Board and the Army Sport's Lottery, the Army Ladies Tug of War team were able to achieve their most successful season to date.
This year, the Army Ladies Tug of War team have been able to represent the Army and England at international level. Achieving the strongest result ever recorded. Without the funding from the ICG, the individual's contribution would have been astronomical after considering travel, accommodation, competition kit, accreditation and insurance. This would've resulted in some of the competitors struggling with the payments and therefore potentially not being able to compete.
The Army Ladies Tug of War team appreciated for the financial assistance the Army Sports Control Board have been able to give.


I’ve been a member of ASL for over 6 years, however, didn’t realise the breadth of opportunities it offers until today. As an aspiring and keen golfer, this ASL grant has positively impacted my aspiration to develop myself further in this sport and represent the Army in a golf competition.

Cpl R, Royal Signals

I have received funding from the Army Sports Lottery for several Summer Mountaineering Expeditions I’ve been on over the past few years. As a mountaineering instructor this funding helps me to reduce the costs of attending an expedition every time, and this makes it easier to continue supporting the execution of expeditions and the delivery of distributed training leading to foundational qualifications for students.

I know this funding means a lot in encouraging more personnel to participate in mountaineering and adventurous training in general. The funding helps in making it more accessible for personnel across all rank ranges to attend and have a ‘give it a go’ attitude. The end result for them and the army is more robust, capable soldiers whilst also giving them entry to a pathway of an adventurous training discipline that they can exploit for further development.

Sgt D, AGC

The army regularly supports serving personnel with incredible opportunities to pursue sporting passions; showcased here with the chance to undertake competitive skydiving in Australia. This trip however, would have been unfeasible if not for the generous funding provided by the Army Sports Lottery. Thanks to the financial support received through the ASL to offset travel costs, we now have the opportunity to take on an exciting challenge in an amazing location whilst integrating with allied forces – forging memories that will last a lifetime. I have no doubt that, without the Army Sports Lottery grant, this opportunity would have not been possible.

Cp V, 3 RSME

The generous funding granted by the Army Sports Lottery played a instrumental role in facilitating our regimental football tour to Cyprus. Through the allocation of resources, the ASL not only covered logistical expenses but also ensured we had access to new training kit and equipment. Thanks to the ASL, The Kings Royal Hussars football team, had the privilege of embarking on a great trip which fortified a great Preseason.

Sgt McM, KRH

This was the first regimental football tour the team has been on in 6 years. It was great to have time to focus on football and team bonding and this was made possible by the ASL. Without the funding this trip would not have been possible. The team has been set up for success and have a real togetherness about them thanks to this amazing tour.


The Army Sports Lottery support was critical in enabling a hugely worthwhile Army Rowing visit to the Netherlands, to compete in the Dutch Army Regatta. The chance to gain insight into our Dutch military counterparts, in their stunning Royal Military Academy was an excellent professional development opportunity for the participants. The Army Sports Lottery grant enhanced the visit’s accessibility to more members of the club especially at Pte and junior Lt level.

Maj S, Int Corps

A brilliant trip made possible by the generous Army Sports Lottery grant, it was my first time working with the Dutch military and I was struck by how similar they are to us. The rowing was great fun, but meeting a variety of Dutch soldiers and understanding their approach and culture was the highlight for me.

Trp S, Oxford UOTC

The Grant from Sports lottery is amazing, it gives us the financial ability to continually be able to afford Adventurous Training around the Globe within the military and benefiting all that it has to offer. It also shows to the wider community at home and overseas just what the British Military is about and capable off.
The impact of ASL funding has enabled us to go to an amazing places beyond our dreams, once in a lifetime expedition that will remain in our memory forever. We believe the ASL funding has opened the doors so that every service personnel no matter the rank and financial position will be able to take advantage of opportunity rather than a select few. Funding will allow us to continue with ATs and ATs of any kind will be the big selling points for retention especially now when our recruiting has been suffering from all fronts.

Sgt A, 1 Regt AAC

The ASL grant is a major impact to us because it will allow us an opportunity to not only represent unit on a major expedition abroad but also to give the chance to challenge all.
As a junior soldier in the British Army the Army Sports Lottery grant for Adventure Training has a direct impact at our level. It is extremely positive because it allows with new skills on different forms of adventure training. Experiencing a different part of the world and taking on this amazing challenge is what we have joined the Army for and without the ASL funding this may have not been simply possible.

Pte B, 1 Regt AAC

Thanks to the Army Sports Lottery’s generous funding, Ex TRIDENT FREEFALL 23 soared to new heights. Their unwavering support equipped me with the resources and opportunities to achieve excellent results. The impact of their funding has been truly transformative, helping me produce qualified skydivers while instilling discipline, teamwork and resilience. I am immensely grateful for their continued commitment to the growth and success of our adventure training activities and of our nation’s armed forces.

SSgt C, 33 Eng Regt

It is always an honour to represent your country and for me that opportunity came about through qualification to race at the World Triathlon Sprint Distance Championships in Hamburg in July 2023. Travelling overseas with a bike box always throws up some unexpected challenges and costs and knowing I had an ASL grant to rely on went a long way to reduce any stress travelling to the event in the days leading up to the race, allowing me to stay focussed on performing on race day. This lack of stress definitely helped contribute to my 5th place finish in my age-age group which I was pretty chuffed with. Thank-you ASL!!!!


The grant I received from ASL helped to subsidise my personal contribution, without which it (personal contribution) would have been considerably high. It allowed me to partake on the AT, and experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to hike in the Grand Canyon, USA. I am very grateful for the grant and I encourage all the non-members to sign up so they can also utilise the grant, and a chance to win a prize money

SSgt G, Infantry Battle School

I was drafted in as an instructor on the recent 43 Commando freefall expedition to California (Ex TRIDENT FREEFALL 23). The trip was fantastically organised and thoroughly enjoyed by all that attended, participants and enablers alike. The SP involved were tested physically and mentally during this extremely taxing course, in overcoming these challenges they will no doubt have become more resilient and better prepared for operations in the future. Opportunities such as this are a key part of “The Offer” and it would not be possible without the support of The Army Sports Lottery. Without the ASL grant many of those taking part would have been hugely financially disadvantaged, and for some, may have not been able to attend without.

Capt T, 1 Bn Royal Welsh

Ex Mermaid Mick allowed me to gain qualifications which typically would be very expensive. The sports lottery has given me the opportunity to afford these and reduce my personal contributions.

Gdsm W, 1 Bn Irish Guards

Our Recent visit to the Grand Canyon (USA) for Ex Dragon Canyon Warrior, a Summer Mountaineer foundation (AT) was an excellent opportunity for all participants to have a once in a lifetime experience and gain a good (AT) qualification at the same time. I really appreciate the help from ASL for funding the event and making to affordable for us. It helped us all to enjoy the expedition without having to pay a heavy amount.

Cpl G, Infantry Battle School

Participating in the Wisconsin Ironman 140.6 event this year was an incredible milestone for the BATUS triathlon team. With crucial financial support from the Army Sports Lottery, this Overseas Sports Visit became a reality. The event served as a platform for our team to showcase their exceptional fitness prowess and unwavering determination. It was more than just a race; it was a test of our limits, both physically and mentally. This experience not only bolstered our team's camaraderie but also served as a testament to the power of dedication and teamwork. We are immensely grateful for the opportunity and support that allowed us to shine on an international stage, representing our unit and our nation with pride and excellence.


The Army sports lottery not only does it give you the chance to win prizes, it also funds many AT expeditions throughout the army. In this current climate, when the cost of living is so high, getting away on AT abroad is essential for moral and with the ASL contributing to a reduction in personal contribution, is very significant to the expense occurred on the individual. It lets every rank be able to go enjoy great expeditions without having to pay extortionate prices.

LStg W, 1 Bn Irish Guards

The recent RAPTC Martial Arts Overseas Sports Visit, funded by the Army Sports Lottery, was an outstanding opportunity for all involved. It provided a fantastic platform for like-minded individuals who share a passion for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu within the RAPTC to come together and engage in their mutual passion for the sport. The visit not only allowed the RAPTC MA team to showcase their skills, but also fostered a sense of camaraderie among other athletes that practice the sport. Overall, the visit was a superb trip that celebrated the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and brought together a team of dedicated martial artists in the RAPTC.


Exercise RAPTC COMBATANT was a Sports Overseas Visit to Cyprus for members of the Royal Army Physical Training Corps (RAPTC) Martial Arts Team to participate in a remarkable opportunity to advance their mental, physical, and cultural growth. Conducting a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) training camp in collaboration with local Jiu-Jitsu hosts, The House of Jui Jitsu, we were afforded the luxury of a substantially subsidized trip, where we could immerse ourselves in the sport. In the unique landscape of Cyprus, we concentrated attentions on techniques, confidence and experience, whilst enhancing skills in advance of upcoming Army BJJ competitions. The visit exemplified the RAPTC Martial Arts Team’s commitment to development, physical fitness, mental resilience, and lasting friendships in the sport. Beyond the training mats, we enjoyed exploring the vibrant Cypriot culture. This successful overseas visit exemplifies the value of these trips both personally and professionally. The RAPTC Martial Arts Team now boast a shared experience that will contribute to a lasting legacy and strengthen the bond of all involved.
Exercise RAPTC COMBATANTs success is owed to the diligent and focussed planning efforts of Chairman Maj (MAA) Pearce, Activity IC SSgt (SI) Dales, and Head Coach WO2 (QMSI) Mairs. Additionally, sincere gratitude goes to Army Sport for their financial support. The positive and invaluable experience afforded to all of us in attendance is evidence of the need, value, and efficacy of Sports Overseas Visits


The opportunity to represent the Army and also Great Britain at the European Masters Games (EMG) in Tampere has been a great honour; it fills you with pride and enables you to meet likeminded people from across the world in your sport. It is inclusive, friendly, and competitive with a great atmosphere of mutual respect and kindness. The ability for all above 35 years of various ranks, terms of service and different branches of the Army to benefit from this is fantastic and it is certainly my first Overseas Sports Visit in 32 years in the Army! It just couldn’t happen without the support of the Army Sports Lottery and Army Sports Board funding for which we are extremely grateful. This has (and does) make a massive difference in fostering esprit de corps, and is a demonstrative investment in our people.

Col G, RLC

The ASL is a fantastic organisation. I see their impact in so many sports across the army. Without their help I wouldn’t have been able to achieve some life goals. After this week I’m going to encourage everyone I know to take part in the ASL, such a great cause!

SSgt C, R Signals

The AT pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me to overcome certain fears that I had on the water. The ASL enabled this to happen in an overseas environment, something I had not done before.


The Success of Exercise Badlands, a 465 mile off road gravel cycling event, would not have been possible without the financial and planning support of The Army Sports Lottery. The SP involved were tested physically and mentally during this arduous event, in overcoming these challenge they will become more resilient in their military roles. Opportunities such as this are a key part of “The Offer” and it would not be possible without the support of The Army Sports Lottery.

Capt S, Lancs

This was the first Corps tour in over 5 years, and wouldn’t have been possible without the support provided by the ASL. It has enabled us to re-establish our Corps team ahead of the coming season. The whole trip was excellent and allowed new and old members of the Corps team to bond and set us up for success.

Sgt K, Int Corps

This AT was a great opportunity to do something different from the day job and experience a part of the world I had not seen before. Without the ASL the personal contribution would have been too great for me to go due to the cost of living at the moment.


The ASL has provided so much support to a number of sports and events that I have participated in, from snowboarding to tug of war, they truly do a great job to support us all. Winning this prize comes at an important time in my career and in my life, it is really going to help boost my deposit for a house as I get ready to transition out into civilian street. I cannot thank the ASL enough.

WO2 S, Royal Signals

The grant was instrumental in making our tour to Gibraltar possible, as it covered costs that would have otherwise been too costly for individuals to afford. On top of that, thanks to the grant's support, we were able to showcase the possibilities for the team to the rest of the corps to garner more support and involvement, gaining valuable exposure and experience.

LCpl S, Int Corps

I am writing this testimonial to express my heartfelt gratitude for the generous funding you have provided me and my British Forces Badminton Team on our recent OSV (Overseas Sports Visit) to Singapore. I have been a member of the ASL for many years now and I have lost count of how many times ASL have contributed towards the funding of my overseas trips in the past. As always, this funding has positively influenced our sports visit and made a huge difference. Through this badminton tour, we as a team have developed our badminton skills, achieved team and personal goals, fostered a strong sense of camaraderie and experienced success; All thanks to the fundings from ASL.

Cpl S, BFB

The grant was instrumental in making our tour to Gibraltar possible, as it covered costs that would have otherwise been too costly for individuals to afford. On top of that, thanks to the grant's support, we were able to showcase the possibilities for the team to the rest of the corps to garner more support and involvement, gaining valuable exposure and experience.

LCpl S, Int Corps

Thanks to ASL, RLC Badminton Corps team are full steam ahead in preparation for the upcoming overseas tour to South Africa in Sep 23. Without your support, it would have been difficult to make this happen – over £11k is a significant amount for the team. Not only are we getting opportunity to win lottery every week but additional financial support for our sports team is greatly appreciated which will enable our Corps players to develop their skills further.

Maj G, 167 Regt RLC

One of the biggest contributions to my own personal confidence and resilience within the Army stems from Adventurous Training. Owing to the Army Sports Lottery grants, I recently attended the Exped Dragon Dive in Malta alongside personnel of different ranks, expertise, and units. This Exped not only aided in personal and professional development, but it also created an environment where personnel left with long lasting memories and friendships. Such beneficial Expeds would simply be unattainable without the Army Sports Lottery grants.

LCpl S, 1 Regt RMP

Without the generous ASL funding, it would be so much more difficult to ensure I have the best equipment to make me competitive on the international stage. It is a sad fact of life that the better you get at sport, you invariably need to spend more money to remain competitive and improve your performance. With the rising costs of living, this funding has never been more important to keep Service Personnel involved in sport where the costs of equipment and travel would otherwise prohibit our participation.

Maj H, 47 RA

Army personnel have for many years benefited from attending Adventurous Training. This has often only been possible due to the generosity of Army Sports Lottery grants. Having recently participated in the challenging Exped Dragon Dive 23 in Malta, I can stand testament to the positive outcomes that result from different units of the Army and Army Reserve working together building esprit de corps and enduring professional relationships. These Expeditions would not be possible without ASL grants. Thank you.


I would like to personally thank the ASCB and ASL committee for the generous funding.
This has helped me perform to my best sporting ability at the EMG without any financial worries.
This was a rare opportunity for me to travel and experience, this was only made possible thanks to you all.

Cpl K, 34 Field Hospital

I am exceptionally proud to have been selected for the England Hockey Women’s Masters team this year and been given the opportunity to participate at both the 4Nations tournament held in Glasgow and European Tournament held in Nottingham this year. Masters hockey is entirely self-funding and I am extremely grateful for all the support that Army Sport and the ASL have given me with my International Competitor’s Grant. I feel extremely privileged to receive financial assistance from the ASL when several of my squad members are having to take unpaid holiday from their jobs to be able to participate. It has been a fantastic season, not only did we retain the annual 4Nations trophy but also crowned European Champions winning the Gold medal. Many thanks to all the trustees of Army Sport and ASL, your support is really appreciated.

Lt Col N, APSG

Funding from the ASL towards the Infantry Triathlon training camp gave me the time and coaching to develop myself. With further funding I was able to compete at The World Long Distance Triathlon Championships. This added to the funding given to Army Triathlon to organise and run races at a massively reduced cost to competitors, goes to prove that the ASL not only makes Triathlon accessible but helps by supporting a clear pathway from the grass roots of sport, all the way up to international level competitions.

CSgt T, RMAS Group

I am very grateful to the Army Sports Lottery as a recent benefactory of a ASL grant which allowed me to compete at the World Powerlifting Championships in Sardinia. The ASL grants help provide fantastic opportunities for all our service personnel to attend sporting events, competing at all levels, that without the grant may not have been possible. I encourage all those who are not yet members of the ASL to sign up immediately in order to be eligible for the fantastic benefits it provides.

Capt M, 3rd (UK) Div Signal Regt

The generous funding by the ASL was a brilliant contribution towards competing in the 2023 World Single Lifting Powerlifting Championships. Without these grants and support, other unlucky individuals may not be able to afford to pay the prices of the current climate and miss out on competing in the sports they love. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank the ASCB and ASL committee. The grant has helped me to increase my opportunities as an athlete and continue to progress in a sport competitively.

WO2 E, 47 Regt RA

I am very grateful to the Army Sports Lottery as a recent benefactory of a ASL grant which allowed me to compete at the World Powerlifting Championships. The ASL grants help provide fantastic opportunities for all our service personnel to attend sporting events, competing at all levels, that without the grant may not have been possible. I encourage all those who are not yet members of the ASL to sign up immediately in order to be eligible for the fantastic benefits it provides.

Capt M, 3rd (UK) Div Signal Regt